Project Description

Few artists have the versatility of Roberto Medile. This is no longer a secret: Roberto Medile is definitely a singer, but also an animator, musician, composer and actor. Today more than ever, Roberto Medile feels the need to impersonate entire characters, ready to affirm their value and bring them to life.

This is what he aspires to, for which every stage of his career has been able to constitute a new beginning. Until today, despite a well-made past, Roberto Medile still has in his heart the crazy hope and the recklessness of youth, despite more than a solid foundation.

We still need to talk about “Roberto’s Kitchen” by Giancarlo Cavalieri in “Semi-Detached”, and about the godfather in “Montreal Open City”, of his role as a politician in “Omertà”, his role as father in the feature film “Prince Lazure”, and his role in “Navarro” alongside Roger Hanin, to show that he gives maximum credibility to each of his characters.

His talent is known. The evidence: irrefutable. From Italy, Roberto Medile has a contagious passion and a good-natured charisma, add to that the touch of exoticism and change of scenery that will make the audience want to make a difference. Roberto has a rare ability of being immediately adopted because of his curious mix of familiarity and undeniable respect.

Basically, for Roberto, the important thing is the colour and flavour that he can give to his roles. Stop having to compare your own values.

There is a charm, a strength, an exoticism, and a lot of potential in Roberto Medile.


Thursday August 15 2019 at 7:30pm at Wilfrid-Bastien park in Saint-Léonard

Sunday August 18 2019 at 5:00pm on the Jean-Talon stage in Little Italy