Project Description

Sandrine Fragasso has been involved in the music world since the age of three. Having started with the piano, then pursuing jazz and classical saxophone, always accompanied by her love for the singing, it is obvious that this makes Sandrine light up and gives her the desire to return to this intense world that is music. After playing in a few bars, cabarets, festivals, competitions and orchestras such as the Lion d’Or, the Rialto Theater, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the NYAK Festival Italian Week, the Soloists Concours and the Petits Ensembles de Victoriaville, the Laval orchestra with Karim Ouellet and the Smalls in New York, during her internship at the New York Jazz Academy, she realized how much music not only vibrates strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, but also the body. She wants to share this world on stage, with her family and her community. Moreover, Sandrine has also done an internship in communication, marketing and advertising with the Laval Symphony Orchestra, because it is essential to communicate and share the importance of music in the everyday environment, the importance of “consuming” music and going to listen to live music. Finally, Sandrine was also director of the student communication agency of her college, the Studio Art for Art where she would enhance the art of others and make them shine on the public stage. In short, she guarantees that you will be swept away, not only from her performance, but also by the showcase of sheer Montreal musical talent.


Sunday, August 18 2019 at 4:00 p.m. at the Jean-Talon stage in Little Italy