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“a once in a lifetime movie for the intelligent heart”

Just when it seemed impossible to find a movie that touches your heart and makes your soul come alive, along comes the little independent movie Road to the Lemon Grove with the persuasion to make a movie goer laugh through tears.

Directed and produced by Dale Hildebrand and co-authored by Dale Hildebrand and Charly Chiarelli, the heartwarming comedy appeals to the core of what it means to be Italian. Road to the Lemon Grove is a charming and spirited film that makes every person with an immigrant story proud of their rich heritage and encourages them make their language and culture thrive. The movie confronts timeless, yet contemporary social issues. It seeks resolution through old-world wisdom, and finds answers by rediscovering familial roots — all with a sense of humour and heart.

In the movie, an old-world deceased Sicilian father tries to negotiate his way into heaven. But he isn’t allowed passage into heaven until he repairs his relationship with his son, and gets his son to reunite two family factions with a very long history of a bitter dispute over a lemon grove. It reminds us of the importance of reconnecting with our roots to better understand wh