Montreal, Tuesday June 25, 2020


Montreal’s Italian Week is proud to announce that Vanessa Grimaldi is our spokesperson for the 27th edition of the festival. To celebrate this completely virtual edition, Vanessa will be able to connect with the Italian community thanks to her important presence on the different digital platforms. She was first known in 2017 for her participation on ABC’s reality show The Bachelor. Since then, she created the No Better You Foundation to help build sensory rooms for students with special needs.

“It is such an honour to be part of this year’s festival. My goal is to unite my generation of proud Italian Canadians. I want to encourage the practice of traditions learned from the generations before us who often arrived here with nothing yet contributed to making Canada the incredible country that it is today. Right now, more than ever we are seeking a sense of community. Whether you have Italian roots or not, I look forward to learning and sharing pieces of my culture with you.”

— Vanessa Grimaldi, the festival spokesperson

About Montreal’s Italian Week

Montreal’s Italian Week is a cultural festival unfolding throughout the city and celebrating the beauty and diversity of Italy. This celebration offers to more than 400 000 festivalgoers a wide array of shows and activities featuring art, music, gastronomy, fashion, and Italian folklore. For its 27th edition, the festival will become completely virtual offering a web program from august 7th to 23rd 2020.

About the Congress

The National Congress of Italian Canadians in Quebec is a non-profit, non-political corporation, founded in 1972, which unifies the various groups and associations of the Italian community in Quebec. The Congress aims to conserve and bring to life the rich cultural heritage of the Italian community through Montreal’s Italian Week festival.